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A useful service

Road service is a new line of service launched by several national players aimed at making driving a hassle free experience, especially when they are using the freeways and streets. Initially, the road service was launched by the auto dealers to earn the goodwill of the customers apart from attracting new clients. Some aspects of […]

A new service

Auto road service is a new service aimed at providing all assistance and privileges to motorists whenever they are using the inter state or planning a major drive across the states. The auto road service concept was launched a few years ago and now there are a number of players offering it. Check the local […]

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Enroll for this service

Emergency road service is a round the clock service aimed at ensuring help for motorists any time any day through out the year. The emergency road service is a mandatory service operated by the local county administration in association with a number of others such as medical services, emergency response units, freeway maintenance authority, transportation […]

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A premium paid service

The auto road service is a premium paid service aimed at ensuring a hassle free journey for road users and motorists. A number of services are offered under the auto road service, which is operated by a national level player with a countrywide reach. This service is fast catching up among the motorists, especially the […]

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Any time rescue service

Emergency road service refers to anytime rescue service for road users, motorists and travelers on the freeways. The emergency road service is operated by the local county administration in association with a host of service providers such as emergency response unit, emergency medical services, police and transport departments, freeway maintenance authority and auto dealers. This […]

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Assistance to motorists

Road service refers to assistance to motorists whenever they are in distress either on streets or freeways or whenever the car has a mechanical fault or engine failure while at home. The auto dealers offer road service for free. The moment a car owner purchases a car from the auto dealer, the car owner becomes […]

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It’s fun to travel!!

Being a lady driver or a teenage driver who has just started driving recently, there are always some matters, which would be hard for you to deal with. Suppose you are a 18 years old female driver traveling alone to a friends house when suddenly to your amazement the tire gets flat and guess what? […]

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Road Service

Many know road service by the name of breakdown cover, emergency roadside repair or roadside assistance. A road service is a kind of insurance policy that covers any kind of repairs that has left a vehicle stranded in the middle of no where. The vehicle may be facing mechanical failure, may need a jump start […]

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Auto Road Service

When buying a new or a used car it must always be kept in mind that the vehicle is going to have a bad day once in a while. You never know when an emergency might strike therefore it is always good to be prepared. This is the reason that most of the people are […]

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New line of service

Auto road service is a new line of service aimed at ensuring an hassle free journey for the vehicle owners, specially long distance travelers on freeways. It is offered by an independent agency with nationwide reach. An annual fee is charged to the customer to offer the road service. Additional fees are collected from the […]

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