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Auto road service is a new service aimed at providing all assistance and privileges to motorists whenever they are using the inter state or planning a major drive across the states. The auto road service concept was launched a few years ago and now there are a number of players offering it. Check the local yellow pages or the Internet for more information relating to the auto road service providers. It is better to opt for a service provider, which has a nationwide network. An annual fee is levied to render auto road service. In addition to the fee, separate charges will be filed depending on the services sought by the car owner.

If the car owner is planning a drive to the neighboring state, the auto road service provider will equip the subscriber with the necessary information, such as the shortest route, the amenities along the route like motels and restaurants, useful information relating to gas stations, ATM outlets and entry and exit points of the speedways. During the journey, if the driver loses way, the vehicle will be brought on to the right track by the auto road service provider using the remote navigational assistance. Information on local heritage and tourism sites will also be given.

Posted on Wednesday, October 31st, 2007 at 1:38 pm In Road Service  

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