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Special services for motorists

Auto road service is a specialized service under which many benefits are available to motorists. Apart from the routine assistance such as vehicular repair and maintenance on freeways, many personalized services are also available. The auto road service is offered by a number of agencies at the national level. Check with your local auto dealers […]

Timely help for road users

Emergency road service is a 24/7 and round the clock service offered to not just motorists and car owners, but all segments of road users. This not a paid service managed by any third party agent. The government institutions are party responsible for managing the emergency road service, which has a number of stake holders. […]

Register for helpful service

Road service is an extremely useful service that can bail drivers and passengers stranded on freeways out of crisis. It is mandatory that every car owner registers for this helpful service. The road service is offered by the auto dealer in association with a third party agent. Some auto dealers offer road service for free […]

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