A premium paid service

The auto road service is a premium paid service aimed at ensuring a hassle free journey for road users and motorists. A number of services are offered under the auto road service, which is operated by a national level player with a countrywide reach. This service is fast catching up among the motorists, especially the frequent users of interstate freeways. The fee slab for the subscribers differs on the services sought. There are various categories of auto road service. Check the local yellow pages or the internet for reputed auto road service providers. The subscribers of the top most categories of auto road services will be entitled to a geo navigational system installed in the vehicle. 

If you are planning a drive to the neighboring state, you can seek the services of auto road service to identify the best possible route. If you are not interested in driving all the way, chauffeur services will be provided to make the journey smooth. The vehicle owner will also be assisted by providing information on gas station, hotels, restaurants, malls and motels along the route. If the vehicle driver loses way en route, remote assistance will be provided to guide the motorist back to the original route.