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What is Emergency Auto Assistance?

Emergency auto assistance is a service offered by dealers or companies for the assistance of the customers of the vehicle who have chosen to subscribe to it. This service is provided by the dealer through a hotline number kept especially for this purpose. This service comes handy in many situations like if your car breaks […]

Emergency road service

Emergency road service is a sub category of road service. It has few additional features which can be very handy to the person in case of trouble. Imagine you are going on a trip by car and you are lost and you need someone to assist you. In such cases all you have to do […]

Benefits of Road Service

Road Service is a kind of lifesaver service offered by auto dealers or other companies which helps the subscriber to get out of the problem (problem related to the vehicle) almost anywhere. This service is a collaboration of different vehicle manufacturers. Various benefits that can be enjoyed under this service are: – Mechanical faults are […]

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