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Value added service for motorists

Auto road service is a value added service for motorists to make their drive pleasant and free from any disturbance. This is a new concept launched by the auto dealer in association with a third party player. It is offered on the basis of annual fee levied on the customers. Additional fee will also be […]

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Obligatory service for road users

Emergency road service is a service that every driver should have. It is offered by several players such as local county administration, hospital services, emergency response unit, auto dealers, free maintenance authority and insurance firms. Emergency road service is not a paid service. Every vehicle owner automatically becomes a member of the emergency road service […]

Driver friendly service

Road service is a driver friendly service aimed at ensuring a hassle free journey for motorists. Vehicle owners and drivers can use road service either at home or on speedways whenever the vehicle suffers a breakdown or throws up a mechanical problem. The road service is offered by the auto dealer in association a third […]

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