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New generation service

Auto road service refers to new generation service under which vehicle owners and drivers are assisted to make their journey hassle free and event free. The auto road service is offered by a number of national players. Select the national player after careful due diligence of the service provider. The assistance ranges from attending to […]

Obligatory service for motorists

Emergency road service is an obligatory service for motorists to make their journey hassle free. The basic aim of the emergency road service is to provide service to stranded vehicles on account of engine failure of mechanical break down. The nerve center of the emergency road service is the local county administration. It is supported […]

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Helping vehicle drivers

Road service is a specialized service aimed at helping drivers, especially those in distress on freeways. The road service was launched by the auto dealers a couple of decades ago to earn the goodwill of the customers. Whenever a vehicle broke down on the freeway, help was sent by the auto dealer. The vehicle was […]

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