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Specialized service

Auto road service is a specialized service aimed at helping vehicle owners and drivers in distress while on the speedways and motorways. This service was launched fairly recently and has been a tremendous hit among road users for the number of benefits offered under it. Most of the road users, especially the frequent travelers on […]

Essential service for road users

Emergency road service is an essential service for road users, be it car owners, drivers, motorists or passengers of other vehicles. This is not a subscription service, but a mandatory service launched by the local administration in association with a number of stake holders such as emergency medical services unit, emergency response unit, local transport […]

Help for motorists

Road service is a specialized service under which help for motorists is rendered whenever they are in distress. The vehicle owners and drivers could face a problem either at home or on a speedway. But subscribers of road service need not worry since help will be sent to them within hours of placing a complaint. […]

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