A useful service

Road service is a new line of service launched by several national players aimed at making driving a hassle free experience, especially when they are using the freeways and streets. Initially, the road service was launched by the auto dealers to earn the goodwill of the customers apart from attracting new clients. Some aspects of the road service were free. As and when the road service became popular, it was launched as a separate line of service. There is separate road service for the regular customers and a different service for subscribers of the service who are not customers of the auto dealer. It is a useful service for motorists.

Under road service, assistance such as repair and maintenance of the car, its engine, drive train, power train and mechanics will be rendered irrespective of the location and time. Other assistance given under road service include replacement of spare parts, replacement of flat tires, attending to ignition and jump starting problems and engine and horn tuning. If the vehicle is stranded on the freeway and the mobile repair squad of the road service is not in a position to repair it, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest garage. An annual fee will be levied to provide road service.