Any time rescue service

Emergency road service refers to anytime rescue service for road users, motorists and travelers on the freeways. The emergency road service is operated by the local county administration in association with a host of service providers such as emergency response unit, emergency medical services, police and transport departments, freeway maintenance authority and auto dealers. This service is available round the clock through out the year. There is no separate subscription fee. The moment a car owner registers the car on the national grid at the time of purchasing the car, the car owner will be automatically enrolled to the emergency road service. 

Under the emergency road service, the speedways will be monitored round the clock by personnel using remote video surveillance system. If there is a traffic jam on the speedway on account of an accident or a stranded vehicle, it will be brought to the notice of the authorities concerned. The traffic police will come to the scene and clear the accident spot. The vehicles involved in the accident will be removed from the road. The accident victims, if any, will be taken to the nearest hospital for medical care. The other passengers will be taken to the nearest town for rest.