New line of service

Auto road service is a new line of service aimed at ensuring an hassle free journey for the vehicle owners, specially long distance travelers on freeways. It is offered by an independent agency with nationwide reach. An annual fee is charged to the customer to offer the road service. Additional fees are collected from the car owner depending on the services sought. Check with your local auto dealer for information on the auto road service provides since they have multiple tie-ups.

The advantages of auto road service are tremendous. Suppose, the car driver is on the freeway and may be running out of gas. If the driver places a telephone call to the auto road service provider, the driver will be assisted in locating the nearest gas station. Similarly, assistance will be rendered to trace the nearest ATM counter, mall, restaurant, motel and entertainment avenues. If the driver loses way on the speedway, assistance will be rendered immediately to put the vehicle back on the right track. The entry and exit points of the speedway can also be identified using auto road service. Remote navigational assistance can also be sought under the auto road service. Chauffeur services will also be provided if the vehicle owner is not interested in driving on long stretches.