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New services to road users

Auto road service is a new service to road users and this service is an advanced version of the road service. Apart from attending to routine maintenance problems of the vehicle, a number of add on services are also provided to the drivers. It will take care of the entire car and its spares without […]

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24/7 service for motorists

Emergency road service is a unique program aimed at making the life of the road users easy. The emergency road service is operated by the local county administration in association with a number of players such as local transport authority, freeway management , and emergency response units including medical services and insurance firms and auto […]

Drivers’ assistance program

Road service is a drivers’ assistance program aimed at making their journey hassle free. The assistance is provided to drivers no matter where they are. To begin with the road service was a complementary service provided by the car dealers to retain customers and to attract new clients. But over a period of time, it […]