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Seek all types of assistance

Auto road service is a recent trend, which is gaining importance among the car users. The mandate of the auto road service providers is to ensure a hassle free journey for motorists. Under auto road service, all types of assistance can be sought by the subscribers. However, make sure that the services are available in […]

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Assistance all the time

Emergency road service refers to assistance given to car and truck drivers. The emergency road service is a program managed by a consortium of stake holders to help motorists in distress. The emergency road service stake holders include the local transport authority, the freeway maintenance authority, the traffic management cell, hospitals and emergency response units. […]

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Register for road service

Road service is a specialized service under which drivers, car owners and passengers are serviced through assistance, guidance and help. This is a service launched by the auto dealers to assist car drivers in distress. It has been found to be extremely useful. Therefore, register for road service without fail. Check with your local auto […]

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