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Guiding stranded drivers

Auto road service refers to special category of assistance given to vehicle drivers and passengers when they are traveling on interstate freeways. The auto road service is basically aimed at guiding stranded drivers to the correct road and helping them in locating other basic requirements like gas station, motel, hotel, restaurant, mall and ATM counters. […]

Round the clock service for drivers in crisis

Emergency road service refers to round the clock service for drivers in distress. A whole range of assistance is given to drivers facing crisis while driving on the freeway. The emergency road service is operated by a network of stakeholders such as auto dealers, freeway traffic management authority, transport authority, health department and hospitals and […]

Relief to drivers

Road service refers to assistance given to car owners and drivers in distress while on the road. The basic aim of the road service is to provide relief to drivers particularly those stranded on any freeway. The road service is operated by two agencies, local and national. While the local road service provider operates in […]

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