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New service

Auto road service is a new line of service aimed at making travels and journeys easy for car owners and motorists. It is a relatively new concept, which has been launched and popularized by auto dealers. It includes specialized services such as guiding the drivers, giving them the necessary tools and aids to make driving […]

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Round the clock assistance

Emergency road service refers to round the clock assistance given to vehicle owners in times of distress. The situation could be anything, either vehicle breakdown or traffic jams or road accidents, the emergency road service will come into play. The emergency road service is offered by a consortium of stake holders involving the local authorities, […]

Drivers’ delight

Road service is an essential service to which every vehicle owner has to subscribe. It does not matter where you are driving the car, road service is always helpful. It is offered by the local auto dealer in association with the car manufacturer. Under this service, mobile car repair squads are deployed on the speedways […]

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