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Why purchase Roadside Assistance/Auto Road Service?

Auto Road Service provides assistance when assistance help when you have automobile trouble and are stuck on the side of the road, in a parking lot, your place of work, or even at home. If you’re stuck, an Auto Road Service plan can assist you and provide services like flat tire assistance, battery jump-start, or towing your vehicle to a repair facility.

There are different types of roadside assistance available…

You may have some type of basic coverage through your traditional automobile insurance but in many cases you need to pay in wait for partial reimbursement.

You can pay on a cash call basis out-of-pocket. Or you can purchase a reliable Roadside Assistance/Auto Road Service membership will cover virtually all of your needs with no payment due at time of service. An excellent choice for your Roadside Assistance/Auto Road Service membership is Auto Advantage, www.autoroadservice.com. To get your membership started you can simply click on https://www.autoroadservice.com/purchasenow/ choose the plan that works best for you or you can also call 914-962-3535.

Reliable Roaside Assistance

There are millions of vehicles on the road and many have no protection if they have a breakdown while away from home. This has many drivers scrambling to find help when the vehicle does fail. Should the vehicle break down affordable help is available. Whether the driver is in need of a tow, jump start, minor adjustments, assist in changing a flat tire, winching or extraction, in need of fuel delivery, or gets locked out of the vehicle and needs lockout service a roadside assistance membership can provide assistance with all of these needs without taking any money out of pocket.

With over 66,000 providers nationwide throughout the US , Canada, and Mexico one of the best options with the fastest response times is Auto Advantage. They of of up to 35 miles or from your programs of up to 100 miles. If you are in need of a quality Auto Road Service plan be sure to check out Auto Advantage who have been A+ rated and accredited by the BBB since 1979. Visit https://www.autoroadservice.com or call 800-419-3499.

Roadside assistance facts to know before heading on a roadtrip

Auto Road Service/Roadside Assistance is emergency service that is provided to drivers who experience an unexpected breakdown.

Having a reputable Auto Road Service plan in place before you go out on the road is extremely smart plan to protect you from being stuck with no help or having to pay a large sum out-of-pocket to get yourself out of a bad situation.

The services provided by a quality roadside assistance company are towing, battery jump start, flat tire assistance, fuel delivery, vehicle extraction from snow or mud, and getting you into a locked vehicle if you get locked out.

Once you have acquired a membership you will be provided with a membership number and toll-free number to call if you ever need assistance. It is a good idea to keep this membership in the car with you at all times.

You believe your vehicle is having issues the first thing you want to do is find a safe place to pull off the road so you are not in danger while waiting for assistance. Make sure to put your emergency flashers on so other vehicles know you are disabled. You should also remain in the vehicle until help arrives avoid any possible injury.

When choosing a roadside assistance provider make sure you thoroughly research not only the cost of the plan and what they offer but also how long they have been in business and their reputation. An excellent choice would be Auto Advantage, www.autoroadservice.com who have been around since 1979 and have an A+ rating and accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. To get your membership started visit www.autoroadservice.com 800-419-3499.

Roadside Assistance Is Essential Due To Poor Road Conditions

Motorists will often come across hazardous and poor road conditions while out driving. Ruts, icy, roads, and potholes are all risky conditions that you can encounter. Always be alert while out on the road and keep these things in mind:

  1. Ruts don’t always do too much damage to your car, however if you hit them hard enough they can cause you to lose control. A car crash can occur as a result. If you crash, damage can come to both the car and the driver.
  2. Icy roads are an extremely hazardous condition to encounter. So many car accidents happen as a result of vehicles slipping and sliding on icy roads. The best way to avoid accidents related to icy roads to try avoiding driving on them at all. If you must go out on the road, then drive slowly and cautiously by keeping a good amount of distance between your vehicle and other vehicles on the road.
  3. Potholes are also dangerous. If you see one coming up while driving, slow down as much as you can and firmly grip the wheel with both of your hands. Hitting a pothole too hard can throw your car out of alignment. Potholes also can damage steel-belted tires and cause you to lose control of your car.

It isn’t always possible to guess when you may come across poor road conditions in your travels. This makes it essential to practice defensive driving. In addition, be sure to sign up with a reliable roadside assistance program that can come to your aid in the event of an emergency.

Planning For Your Next Road Trip

If you are planning on taking a road trip, it is important to be prepared. While out on the road, you always want to have a plan to conquer the unexpected. Here are a couple of things you should do before setting out on your trip:

Create an emergency kit to keep in the vehicle you will be traveling in. Be sure to pack a a basic tool kit, jumper cables, flashlight, first aid kit, flares or triangles, non perishable snacks, water, a blanket if it’s cold outside, and a charger for your cell phone. Having a kit for an emergency breakdown is a great way to remain prepared.

In addition to an emergency kit, one of the best ways to prepare for an unexpected emergency during your road trip, is to make sure you sign up with a roadside assistance program that can come and help you in the event that your car breaks down. Be sure to compare plans and companies to ensure you are getting a reliable, good quality plan that will cover you in any emergency situation you may encounter.

Roadside Assistance Response Times

There are many roadside assistance providers that offer plans for consumers to protect themselves from the inevitable breakdown and need for assistance. Many of these providers claim to be able to get to you in a “reasonable” amount of time to provide service. The problem is, many providers have anywhere from 500-5,000 service vehicles nationwide and sometimes are not able to get you as quickly as they promise. Even the most well-known national provider only has approximately 15,000 service vehicles.


There are many factors in determining how long it takes for a service provider to get to you. There is weather, traffic, road conditions, time of day, etc. However, if the provider does not have enough vehicles to service a particular area or region of the country they will not be able to get to you in a reasonable amount of time.


Most providers have an average response time of one hour or more. Auto Advantage Inc./www.autoroadservice.com have over 66,000 partnered service vehicles throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico and generally average response time of just over 35-40 minutes. This can make a big difference when you need to get somewhere or are not in a safe location.


To find out more about one of the nation’s highest rated auto roadside assistance provider visit www.autoroadservice.com.

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How To Stay Safe When Changing A Flat Tire

Every now and then, including today, I read a story about somebody that is either injured or killed while changing a flat tire. Our professionally trained roadside assistance providers of the best ways to handle flat tire, or other roadside emergencies safely but typically the average driver does not. This compelled me to write this article about how to stay safe when changing a flat tire.

  • Most importantly, find a safe location to pull over. If you get stuck on the highway and have an opportunity to get to the next exit that would be your best option. If this is not possible, pull over a price far onto the shoulder of the roadway as you possibly can. Stay away from curves as it is difficult for oncoming traffic to see you. Try and find as flat a location as possible as putting your car up on the jack on a hill can be quite dangerous. If you have a vehicle with a manual transmission leave the car in any gear and make sure that your parking brake is on.
  • Be sure to turn on your hazard lights.
  • Get the jack and wrench out of the trunk along with the spare tire and put them as close to the flat tire as possible to make it easier for you. Of course if you have any other tools that would help bring those along too.
  • If necessary, remove any hubcap that might be hiding the lug nuts. Once done, loosen the lug nuts with the lug nut wrench. If you find the lug nuts are on very tightly using your leverage by stepping on the wrench may help to break the seal.
  • Find the correct location to set up the jack under your vehicle. You may need to consult your owner’s manual if it is not visible. Once the jack is securely located jack up the car until it is approximately 6 inches off the ground.
  • Remove each of the lug nuts one at a time and make sure to place the blood nuts that are removed in a location where they will not get lost. Once the lug nuts have been removed pull the tire and wheel straight toward you until it is off the lug nut posts.
  • Now take the spare and place it over the lug nut posts and push the spare all the way onto the vehicle until it can no longer be pushed any further
  • Screw the lug nuts on a do not fully tighten them yet. Once they are secure but not fully tightened lower the car back down to the ground. Once the tire meets the ground it is time to fully tighten the lug nuts.
  • Now you can lower the jack fully and remove it from the vehicles chassis. You can now put the flat tire tools back in your trunk along with the damaged tire and wheel.

As an option, if the tire is not completely destroyed you may also be able to use a spray type flat fixer. If you use this method you still need to get to a repair shop as quickly as possible to make the permanent fix as it is not safe to drive the vehicle while it still may have a bad tire.

If you follow these guides you should stay safe. That being said, it is much safer to have somebody else change the tire for you. This is why auto road service companies exist. One of the best roadside assistance plans you can purchase is through Auto Advantage Inc. To get further information on the services provided with membership please visit www.autoroadservice.com to sign up for membership services.

Know These Key Points When Picking A Road Service Program

A road service program is important for every motorist to have. Road service provides motorists with assistance when they are stuck on the side of the road due to their vehicle breaking down. Becoming a member with a road service program will ease the minds of worried motorists in the event that their vehicle breaks down on them.

Picking a good road service program is essential. There are so many companies out there to pick from and each company offers different services and roadside benefits to their members. Here are some of the most important services to ensure are included in the program that you decide to sign up with:

1. Lockout assistance

2. Battery jump-start

3. Fuel delivery

4. Flat tire assistance

5. Towing

6. Minor roadside adjustments

7. Vehicle winching and extraction

Road service is a wise investment to make and is also inexpensive. It bring peace of mind to motorists in the event that their vehicle breaks down, knowing that assistance is available any time and any place.

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Take Precautions When Driving At Night An Prepare Yourself With A Road Service Program

The riskiest time for auto accidents to occur is between the hours of midnight and 6 AM. If you need to be driving during this time block, it is important to take precaution with these safe nighttime driving tips:

1. Ensure that your headlights are aimed properly. Look at your service manual to determine the proper procedure for your vehicle.

2. Make sure that you do not focus on the headlights of oncoming vehicles since it can blind you for up to five seconds before you eyes will be able to adjust to the light.

3. Don’t drive if you are feeling sleepy. If you are too drowsy, make sure that you pull over and get a bit of rest before getting back on the road. Don’t rely on caffeine, putting down your windows, and playing loud music to help fight off sleep. These tactics are not reliable and could cause an accident.

4. Don’t stare at the centerline while driving since it can cause something called “highway hypnosis.” This will impair your reaction time, therefore it is important to look around and keep your eyes constantly moving.

If you keep these tips in mind while driving at night, you will help keep yourself safe on the road. In addition, prepare yourself for the unexpected and sign up with a road service program in the event that you endure car problems and get stuck on the side of the road.

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Have Peace Of Mind While Travelling With A Road Service Program

Road service helps motorists who have car issues that leave them stuck on the side of the road somewhere. A road service program will assist you at any time on any day. It does not matter where your car breaks down or what causes your car to break down, you can have peace of mind knowing that assistance is simply a phone call away. All you need to do is call the number that is provided for you on your membership card and a professional will be dispatched to you.

Road service also provides motorists with various roadside benefits and services such as fuel delivery, flat tire assistance, and lockout assistance. It is essential that you do not wait for your car to break down. Prepare yourself and sign up with a road service program today.

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