Assistance to motorists

Road service refers to assistance to motorists whenever they are in distress either on streets or freeways or whenever the car has a mechanical fault or engine failure while at home. The auto dealers offer road service for free. The moment a car owner purchases a car from the auto dealer, the car owner becomes a member of the road service scheme automatically. However, there are additional charges for the services sought under the road service such as vehicle breakdown service and others. 

The road service operates through a round the clock help line. Whenever the motorists are in problem, they have to call the help line and register the complaint. Help will be sent within one hour on the spot. The mobile repair squad will arrive at the spot and conduct inspection of the vehicle. They will detect the problem and try to repair the car on the spot. If the vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, it will be towed to the nearest garage for a further careful inspection. Other assistance given under road service includes replacement of spare parts, replacement of flat tires, jump-starting and ignition issues. These additional services will attract a separate fee.