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Add-on services for motorists

Auto road service includes all the assistances rendered under general road service. It also has several add-on services for motorists. This is now the latest concept and has already become popular among the car owners. The auto road service is offered by several players on a national basis and is subscribed to mostly by frequent […]

Service for vehicle owners

Vehicle drivers and motorists could face a number of problems while using the freeway. They could be problems other than those relating to the vehicle. The problems could be accidents or emergency medical intervention for the passengers. Under such circumstances, emergency road service will come into the picture to bail those stranded or facing distress. […]

Become a member now

Road service is a useful program aimed at helping drivers and car owners in distress, especially when they are stranded on the freeway due to some mechanical fault of the vehicle. The road service is managed by the auto dealer in association with the car manufacturer. Initially, it began as a complementary service to earn […]

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