Specialized service

Auto road service is a specialized service aimed at helping vehicle owners and drivers in distress while on the speedways and motorways. This service was launched fairly recently and has been a tremendous hit among road users for the number of benefits offered under it. Most of the road users, especially the frequent travelers on interstate speedways and motorway subscribe to auto road service. A number of specialized services are offered under auto road service apart from attending to mechanical problems of the vehicle.
The premier services including assisting the vehicle owners and drivers in tracing the nearest gas station if they are in need of refueling. Besides, the vehicles will be assisted in locating the entry and exit points of the freeway. If the vehicle driver intends to stop at a particular town or city, the short cut to the location from the speedway will be suggested. A number of other services provided under auto road service include tracing the nearest ATM counter, motel and hotel and malls. If required, the auto road service provider will conduct hotel reservation, room booking and check in services on behalf of the customer. The fee varies annually depending on the services sought by the subscriber.