Help for motorists

Road service is a specialized service under which help for motorists is rendered whenever they are in distress. The vehicle owners and drivers could face a problem either at home or on a speedway. But subscribers of road service need not worry since help will be sent to them within hours of placing a complaint. The road service is offered by the auto dealers in association with the vehicle manufacturers. It covers a wide range of service to choose from. The road service is available against subscription for an annual fee. The road service program was launched initially by auto dealers as a complementary service. However once the service became popular, many independent players started offering the road service for a prescribed fee.

A number of assistances are rendered under the road service. It operates on the basis of a help desk, which runs round the clock. Whenever vehicles of the road service subscribers face a problem relating to the cars, they have to register the complaint with the help desk. Within an hour a mobile repair squad will arrive at the location to help the driver. If the vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, it will be towed to the nearest garage.