Drivers’ delight

Road service is an essential service to which every vehicle owner has to subscribe. It does not matter where you are driving the car, road service is always helpful. It is offered by the local auto dealer in association with the car manufacturer. Under this service, mobile car repair squads are deployed on the speedways and motor ways round the clock. Motorists can subscribe to this road service by paying an annual fee to the provider. Initially, the road service was offered for free or as a complementary service to the vehicle owners. It resulted in the retention of customers apart from attracting new customers. However, over a period of time when the road service became popular, it became a road service. Apart from auto dealers, a number of independent players also entered the market to offer road service.

However, some aspects of road service these days are still offered for free. If the vehicle suffers a breakdown, the mobile repair squad will arrive at the spot and conduct preliminary inspection. However, the replacement of the spare part will carry a fee. If possible, the vehicle will be repaired on the spot. If the vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, it will be taken to the nearest garage.