Round the clock assistance

Emergency road service refers to round the clock assistance given to vehicle owners in times of distress. The situation could be anything, either vehicle breakdown or traffic jams or road accidents, the emergency road service will come into play. The emergency road service is offered by a consortium of stake holders involving the local authorities, county administration, road traffic authority, freeway maintenance authority, insurance firms, auto dealers and emergency response units.
If there is a vehicle breakdown on the speedways leading to traffic jam, the road authorities concerned will be pressed into service. A mobile repair squad will arrive at the spot and move away the stranded vehicle to make way for the vehicular traffic. The vehicle will be carried on the back of a truck or towed to the nearest garage. The vehicle driver and occupants will be taken to the nearest town or motel. If there is an accident on the road, the road will be cleared by the police. The emergency medical services personnel will evacuate the car occupants if they are injured and in dire need of medical attention. There have been instances of the injured being airlifted to safety. Vehicle owners need not subscribe to this service since they become members automatically the day the car is registered.