New service

Auto road service is a new line of service aimed at making travels and journeys easy for car owners and motorists. It is a relatively new concept, which has been launched and popularized by auto dealers. It includes specialized services such as guiding the drivers, giving them the necessary tools and aids to make driving comfortable and finding popular tourist spots in the region.

There are a number of players, who offer auto road service for a prescribed fee to be paid annually. The fee structure differs on the basis of service requisitioned by the car owner. If the car owner has lost way while driving on the freeway, the driver will be guided back to the correct route. The driver will be remotely guided in locating the exit and entry points of the speedway. Assistance will also be given in tracing the nearest gas station, mall, motel and ATM outlet. If required, hotel room reservation and booking will be carried out. Prior confirmation of the room booking will also be carried out. Check with the local auto dealer for subscription details. The service differs for owners of mid range cars and high end cars. Choose the appropriate slab, which suits your car.