Service for vehicle owners

Vehicle drivers and motorists could face a number of problems while using the freeway. They could be problems other than those relating to the vehicle. The problems could be accidents or emergency medical intervention for the passengers. Under such circumstances, emergency road service will come into the picture to bail those stranded or facing distress. Emergency road service is an obligatory service for vehicle owners and other motorists rendered by the local authority through a consortium of service providers. The moment a motorist purchases a car, the person will be automatically enrolled to the emergency road service. There is no additional fee to become member of this service.  

The emergency road service includes participation of emergency response unit, medical services, transport authority, county administration, police department, auto dealers and hospitals. The emergency road service will be implemented by the speedway maintenance authority. For instance, if there is a mega traffic jam on the speedway, the authorities concerned will address it. If there is an accident on the road, it will be cleared immediately to ensure smooth movement of vehicular traffic. The emergency road service is dependent on the remote video surveillance system operated by the speedway maintenance authority. Without fail, become a member of emergency road service.