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Road service is a useful program aimed at helping drivers and car owners in distress, especially when they are stranded on the freeway due to some mechanical fault of the vehicle. The road service is managed by the auto dealer in association with the car manufacturer. Initially, it began as a complementary service to earn the goodwill of the customers. However, over a period of time, road service evolved into a niche category and there are plenty of players, both at the local level and national level now. It is recommended that vehicle owners become a member of the road service now.  

The benefits of road service are numerous. Help will be sent to repair vehicles, which have suffered mechanical breakdown either on speedways or homes. Other assistance given under road service includes flat tire replacement, engine repairs, replacement of spare parts, engine and horn tuning and attending to other problems. If the vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, it will be towed to the nearest garage. Further, if the vehicle runs out of oil and fluids, they will be delivered through the mobile service. Details regarding the road service program are available with the local auto dealer.