Add-on services for motorists

Auto road service includes all the assistances rendered under general road service. It also has several add-on services for motorists. This is now the latest concept and has already become popular among the car owners. The auto road service is offered by several players on a national basis and is subscribed to mostly by frequent interstate travelers. Check the local yellow pages for more information relating to the service providers.  

Apart from attending to mechanical problems of the vehicle, value added services will also be provided to the car owners under auto road service. If a family is planning a trip or a holiday, the agents concerned will carry out the hotel reservation and confirmation of the booking. If required chauffeur services will also be provided to the members. While driving on the speedway, if the vehicle owners lose their way, they will be guided back to the main road using remote navigational assistance. Similarly, the agents will help the drivers track the entry and exit points of the speedway.  

Drivers will also be assisted in tracking the nearest ATM outlet, gas station, motel and restaurant and rest rooms under auto road service. An annual fee is collected from the members to provide this service.