Special services for motorists

Auto road service is a specialized service under which many benefits are available to motorists. Apart from the routine assistance such as vehicular repair and maintenance on freeways, many personalized services are also available. The auto road service is offered by a number of agencies at the national level. Check with your local auto dealers for more information. Local yellow pages and auto magazines also contain details of the auto road service.

Annual fee is collected from motorists for auto road service. If you are planning a long drive on the interstate, you can seek the services of a chauffeur. Besides, the service provider will ensure proper travel plan by making hotel room reservations at towns along the route of the journey. Local travel guide and tourist map is also available to make the journey hassle free. If motorists lose their way while driving on the speedways, remote navigational assistance will be provided. Help will also be given in locating the nearest ATM counter, gas station, motel, mall, restaurant, rest homes and garages. If the vehicle runs out of fluids, oils or lubricants, they will be delivered to the spot within minutes. Register for this service if you are a frequent traveler on the freeway.