Timely help for road users

Emergency road service is a 24/7 and round the clock service offered to not just motorists and car owners, but all segments of road users. This not a paid service managed by any third party agent. The government institutions are party responsible for managing the emergency road service, which has a number of stake holders. They include speedway maintenance authority, county administration, medical service, emergency response unit, transport department and police. 
Under US law, a majority of the freeways are monitored round the clock to ensure a hassle free journey for the motorists. The mandate also includes maintaining the road free from hurdles and obstructions. Remote cameras are installed at crucial junctions to monitor the movement of the vehicular traffic. Whenever there is a traffic jam on account of a road accident or some other reason, the emergency response unit will swing into action. The vehicles involved in the accident will be cleared from the roads to make way for smooth movement of other automobiles. If any vehicle suffers a breakdown, it will be towed or carried on the back of trucks. Stranded passengers and motorists will be evacuated. They will be taken to the nearest town under emergency road service.