Register for helpful service

Road service is an extremely useful service that can bail drivers and passengers stranded on freeways out of crisis. It is mandatory that every car owner registers for this helpful service. The road service is offered by the auto dealer in association with a third party agent. Some auto dealers offer road service for free to retain customers as well attract new clients. In the US, most of the car owners subscribe to this service. 

Check with your local auto dealer for subscription details pertaining to road service. An annual fee is collected to offer road service some aspects of which are complementary. For instance, if the vehicle suffers a breakdown, call the helpdesk of the road service. Help will dispatched immediately to bail you out of the crisis. The mobile repair squad will arrive at the spot to detect the mechanical problem. No fee will be collected for these services. However, the repairs and replacement of the spare parts is a paid service. The services are also offered on the basis of credit. 
The assistance offered under road service include flat tire replacement, repairs of the engine, drive train and power train, engine and horn tuning, replacement of faulty spare parts and delivery of fluids, oils and lubricants.