Round the clock service for drivers in crisis

Emergency road service refers to round the clock service for drivers in distress. A whole range of assistance is given to drivers facing crisis while driving on the freeway. The emergency road service is operated by a network of stakeholders such as auto dealers, freeway traffic management authority, transport authority, health department and hospitals and emergency response unit.  

A number of assistances are rendered under emergency road service. They range from repairing the engine, detecting the mechanical fault, replacement of spare parts, towing of the vehicle to the nearest garage, replacement of flat tires, delivery of fluids and oils to transporting the stranded driver s and other passengers.  

If there is a medical emergency, the patients will be airlifted to the nearest hospital. Similarly, if there is a road accident involving vehicles, the emergency response unit will come into the picture. Not only are the injured transported to the hospital, but the roads are cleared for easy movement of traffic. Under the emergency road service, the movement of the traffic is monitored using remote surveillance system. The system works round the clock and relays transmissions to the speedways traffic management authority periodically on the density of the traffic.