Guiding stranded drivers

Auto road service refers to special category of assistance given to vehicle drivers and passengers when they are traveling on interstate freeways. The auto road service is basically aimed at guiding stranded drivers to the correct road and helping them in locating other basic requirements like gas station, motel, hotel, restaurant, mall and ATM counters.  

The auto road service comes for an annual fee. It is operated by a team of professionals, including auto dealers and traffic management cell. For more information on subscribing to this service, please visit the nearest auto dealer. Always, remember the telephone number of the helpdesk for assistance.  

Other assistance rendered under auto road service include guiding the drivers to the entry and exit points of the freeway, guiding drivers who have lost their way, identification of the nearest motel and providing chauffeur service. Also, hotel reservation booking, accommodation availability and confirming hotel room reservation will also be carried out under auto road service.  

If the vehicle breaks down on the speedway because of mechanical problem, it will be towed to the nearest garage for repairs. If the vehicle owners intend to continue the journey, an alternative vehicle will be provided under auto road service