Relief to drivers

Road service refers to assistance given to car owners and drivers in distress while on the road. The basic aim of the road service is to provide relief to drivers particularly those stranded on any freeway. The road service is operated by two agencies, local and national. While the local road service provider operates in the county jurisdiction, the national road service provider has a countrywide network.  

The road service is offered by the auto dealers at the county level and by national players at the higher level. The local road service is offered for free by some auto dealers to win the customers goodwill. Only some aspects of the service like detection of the mechanical problem will be free. However, for replacing the spare parts, a fee will be charged.  

It is mandatory for all vehicle owners to register for road service since it is very helpful at certain times. Imagine, you are stranded on the speedway due to vehicle breakdown. If you are a member of the road service, immediately send a message to the helpdesk. Assistance will arrive within minutes. Mobile repair squads will be sent to take a look at the problem. It will be rectified on the spot.