Obligatory service for motorists

Emergency road service is an obligatory service for motorists to make their journey hassle free. The basic aim of the emergency road service is to provide service to stranded vehicles on account of engine failure of mechanical break down. The nerve center of the emergency road service is the local county administration. It is supported by a number of government agencies such as the freeway maintenance and monitoring authority, the transport department, emergency response units, auto warranty firms and insurance agencies.

For instance, if a vehicle suffers breakdown and strands on the freeway, it could lead to twin situations. The stranded vehicle not only poses risk to other vehicles but may also affect the smooth flow of traffic. The movement of the vehicles on the speedway is monitored using remote surveillance system. If there is a traffic jam or stranded vehicle, the authorities concerned will be intimated. Within minutes, the stranded vehicle has to be taken off the road to make way for other vehicles. The emergency road service is not available against payment of any kind of a fee. Every motorist in the county becomes a member of this service automatically from the day the vehicle is registered.