Helping vehicle drivers

Road service is a specialized service aimed at helping drivers, especially those in distress on freeways. The road service was launched by the auto dealers a couple of decades ago to earn the goodwill of the customers. Whenever a vehicle broke down on the freeway, help was sent by the auto dealer. The vehicle was being repaired on a priority basis. This service was available for free with only some aspects attracting a fee. It became very popular among motorists since it avoided them the time required to take a broken down vehicle to the garage. Consequently, the road service became a paid service. However, still some auto dealers offer road service for free. There are a number of independent agencies at the national level offering the road service for a fixed fee. The fee differs on the basis of the services sought by the vehicle owners.

Under road service, if any vehicle breaks down on the freeway, will be repaired. The spare parts will also be replaced on the spot. If the vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, it will be towed to the nearest garage. The road service provider will charge an extra fee to tow the vehicle to the garage. Ignition problems will also be resolved by the service provider.