Drivers’ assistance program

Road service is a drivers’ assistance program aimed at making their journey hassle free. The assistance is provided to drivers no matter where they are. To begin with the road service was a complementary service provided by the car dealers to retain customers and to attract new clients. But over a period of time, it became a paid service owing to its popularity. Apart from the auto dealers, even independent players have started providing road service. It is available against payment of an annual fee. The road service is offered both at the national level and at the county level.

The road service has a number of benefits such as vehicle breakdown service, attending to mechanical and engine failures of the vehicle, replacement of faulty spare parts, replacement of flat tires, engine and horn tuning and resolving jump starting and ignition problems. If the vehicle runs of out crucial, fluids such as oils and lubricants, they will be delivered to the spot. The road service also runs on a credit basis. If the car owner cannot pay the bill on the spot for repairs carried out, it can be paid later also. Check with your local auto dealer for more details.