Assistance all the time

Emergency road service refers to assistance given to car and truck drivers. The emergency road service is a program managed by a consortium of stake holders to help motorists in distress.
The emergency road service stake holders include the local transport authority, the freeway maintenance authority, the traffic management cell, hospitals and emergency response units. Under this program, the speedways and motorways are remotely monitored using television cameras installed at suitable stretches. Whenever there is a traffic jam on account of accidents, the traffic management cell will be alerted. The police will clear the traffic jam by removing the vehicle which has met with the accident from the road. If there are any injured passengers and car occupants, they will be shifted to the nearest hospitals or evacuated. The damaged vehicle will be sent to the insurance agency for further action. 
Emergency road service is an obligatory duty of the local county administration. It is linked through a national grid of service providers. Any traffic jam on any inter-state speedway is flashed across all states to deliberately bring down the speed of the traffic to ensure that the jam is cleared.