Register for road service

Road service is a specialized service under which drivers, car owners and passengers are serviced through assistance, guidance and help. This is a service launched by the auto dealers to assist car drivers in distress. It has been found to be extremely useful. Therefore, register for road service without fail. Check with your local auto dealer for information relating to subscription of road service. 
Road service consists of two aspects. The first aspect relates to assistance given to vehicles that are stranded on the speedways and motorways. The second aspect relates to assistance rendered to drivers and passengers in distress. If the vehicle suffers a breakdown, all that the car owner has to do is call the emergency help desk. The help desk will dispatch a mobile repair squad deployed on the speedway. The technicians of the mobile repair squad will examine and identify the fault. They will try to repair it on the spot. However, if the vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, it will be towed to the nearest garage. In the meantime, if the vehicle owner intends to continue journey, an alternative vehicle will be provided from the nearest car rental service. A minor fee is levied for road service.