Wonderful Road Service

Auto road service is a latest concept under which vehicles, which have lost way in a county or the freeway, will be navigated to the correct destination using various modes of communication. The modes of communication could be satellite based navigation systems or phones or through wireless system. While satellite based navigation system is costly, the other two are affordable. These days, most of the car owners are opting for auto road service since it has been found to be extremely useful at times. 

For instance, vehicle owners trying to find the right entry and exit points of the freeway will be guided through the telephone. Similarly, if the vehicle owners want to trace the nearest ATM, gas station, hotel, motel and mall, the same will be done by the auto road service provider. These services come for an annual subscription fee. Auto road service is more of an assistance which does not require any manual intervention. It is more of information sharing to make the journey pleasant and hassle free. 
Under auto road service, hotel room reservation, accommodation availability, reservation confirmation and standards of hotel evaluation will be carried out. The same will also be relayed to the car owner. Chauffeur services are also provided under this specialized service.