Value added service for motorists

Auto road service is a value added service for motorists to make their drive pleasant and free from any disturbance. This is a new concept launched by the auto dealer in association with a third party player. It is offered on the basis of annual fee levied on the customers. Additional fee will also be levied depending on the type of service sought by the subscriber.  

Apart from attending to mechanical and engine faults of the vehicle, the value added services have a number of benefits. For instance, if you are planning a long drive on the interstate speedway, chauffeur services will be provided. Also, hotel reservation booking, accommodation availability, hotel room confirmation and tourist information are also provided under auto road service.  
If the driver has lost way on the speedway, the vehicle will be guided back in the right direction using remote navigational assistance. The driver will also be assisted in identifying the entry and exit points of the speedway. Assistance will also be rendered under auto road service to the drivers in tracing the nearest ATM counter, gas station, hotel, mall, restaurant and rest rooms. To subscribe to auto road service, check with your local auto dealer.