Round the clock assistance

As the road infrastructure developed and the number of vehicles plying the streets increased, the levels of risks such as vehicle breakdown, accidents and traffic jams have become common in many countries. Despite wide roads and safe driving practices, disturbances are bound to trigger on account of various reasons. The emergency road service was evolved to tackle such situations. Consequently, it has become a round the clock assistance aimed at helping drivers and passengers in distress.

The emergency road service involves several stake holders. They include the local county administration, motorway patrol, speedway maintenance authority, emergency response units and auto dealers. Since the problem could be of any nature, there are multiple stake holders in emergency road service program.  

If a vehicle breaks down on the speedway, the mobile repair squad of the auto dealer will be dispatched into service. Similarly, if some car driver of occupant requires immediate medical attention, the emergency response unit will come to the scene. If there are traffic jams, the speedway traffic patrol will clear it. If there are accidents, the speedway traffic monitoring cell will take over the matter. While most of the services are complementary, some such as removal of stranded vehicles and their repairs are paid service.