Maintaining the road free from hurdles

Emergency road service is carried out by a consortium consisting of stake holders such as local county administration, traffic police department, highway maintenance authority, emergency response units and hospitals. It is an obligatory service on part of the county administration. There are two goals of an emergency road service. The first goal is to help drivers and other stranded passengers in distress. The second goal is to maintaining the road free from hurdles through timely intervention. 
All roads such as freeways and streets are remotely monitored by the road maintenance authority. Even the smallest of the disturbances will be detected immediately. If there is a traffic jam on account of a road accident, the authorities concerned will be alerted immediately. Subsequently, the authorities concerned will swing into action and clear the road for smooth movement of traffic. If there are any injured persons, they will be immediately transferred to the nearest hospital by the emergency response units. 
If a vehicle is suffering a mechanical break down and stranded on the motorway, it will be immediately towed by the speedway maintenance authority to the nearest garage for repairs. At the same time, the driver and co passengers will be ferried to safety.