Emergency road service membership’s sale has grown tremendously in the past few years. The sole reasons for its sale are the facilities that are provided by this service. This service is applicable to almost all type of vehicles including two vehicles (unloaded two vehicles only) which is one of the features in the new plans.

Suppose if a person is going somewhere and he isn’t familiar with the new route, and the car breaks down. To get help, all he needs to do is make a call. The person will get all the guidance to get to the destination easily.

There can also be a mechanical failure in the vehicle which is also covered in emergency service including towing of the vehicle, in case you are not able to fix it at the spot.

This service also comes with few plans of the company providing road service. A user can also buy this service separately. There are few limitations to this service. There can be limit to the number of time a vehicle can be towed, not every problem in the vehicle can be fixed, you may be charged to get a major car problem fixed etc. A person can still use the service of towing even if it has exceeded the limit by making additional payment. Still after all these limitation this service is a must as it provides absolutely quick service in the case of emergency.