Emergency road service

Emergency road service is a sub category of road service. It has few additional features which can be very handy to the person in case of trouble. Imagine you are going on a trip by car and you are lost and you need someone to assist you. In such cases all you have to do is just make a phone call to emergency assist and they will guide you.

If the user faces mechanical failure in the car and you are not able to fix the problem, in such a case you can call for help to your road service agent and a professional is there within few minutes to solve your problem. In case a problem cannot be fixed at the spot then they also have the facility to tow the vehicle to nearest garage.

Emergency road service is not just limited to car repair or destination guidance but it can also assist a person in case of accident.

There are few services under emergency road service that are absolutely free. Road guidance is one of the few free services. The user has to pay a small monthly/yearly rental for subscribing this service.