Driver friendly service

Road service is a driver friendly service aimed at ensuring a hassle free journey for motorists. Vehicle owners and drivers can use road service either at home or on speedways whenever the vehicle suffers a breakdown or throws up a mechanical problem. The road service is offered by the auto dealer in association a third party agent. The road service is a paid service operating on a nationwide basis as well as at the county level.  

Some auto dealers offer the road service as complementary to maintain the goodwill of the customers. It is also aimed at attracting more customers. However, only some aspects of the road service are available for free. For instance if a vehicle breaks down, the detection or identification of the problem will be carried out at no cost. However, the repairs and replacement of faulty spare parts will be charged with a certain fee.  

Under road service, repair and maintenance of the engine, replacement of faulty spare parts, engine and horn tuning, flat tire replacement, delivery of fluids, oils and lubricants and resolving of jump starting and ignition will be carried out. For subscription details, check with the local auto dealer.