Assistance for vehicle owners

Road service refers to assistance given to vehicle owners whenever they face problems while on the freeway or at home. It is an old service, which includes attending to vehicle break-down and mechanical problems. It is offered by the auto dealer in association with car manufacturers. Initially, road service was offered as a complementary service to earn the goodwill of the customers. It is also aimed at attracting new customers with free road service.

Under road service, repair and maintenance of the vehicle, replacement of faulty spare parts, engine repairs, replacement of flat tires, engine and horn tuning, resolving jump starting and ignition and replacement of certain parts will be carried out any time irrespective of the place and time. An annual fee will be collected from the vehicle owners for this service.
Whenever the vehicle throws up a mechanical problem, you have to register the complaint by calling the helpdesk of road service. Immediately, a mobile repair squad will be dispatched to assist you. The mobile repair squad will try to repair the vehicle on the spot. If it cannot be repaired, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest garage. If required, delivery of oils, lubricants and fluids will also be delivered to the spot under road service.