Any time assistance

Emergency road service is similar to routine road service, but is operated by a consortium of stakeholders.  The emergency road service is provided by the local county administration, freeway traffic management wing, police department, transport authority, emergency response unit, medical services and auto dealers. Every county administration should necessarily run an emergency road service unit as per law. 
The emergency road service is connected by a national grid through which the status of each vehicle on the speedway is monitored remotely. The moment a vehicle is stranded on a speedway without access to communication, the situation will be brought to the notice of the authorities concerned automatically by the remotely operating traffic management system. This will trigger an emergency response and within minutes, help will arrive for the stranded passengers. The car will be towed to the nearest garage while the passengers will be taken to the nearest town or hotel. If there are medical emergencies, the passengers or patients will be given attention immediately. To ensure that you are serviced under emergency road service, make sure that the car’s license number is part of the national grid.