Any time assistance for road users

Emergency road service refers to any time assistance for road users, given by a number of players as part of a consortium. The emergency road service is an obligatory service aimed at ensuring smooth free of traffic on the freeways and at the same time making driving a hassle free experience. The other stake holders responsible for emergency road services include speedway maintenance authority, local county administration, transport authority, medical services, auto dealers, insurance firms and emergency response unit. 

If there is a road accident, under the emergency road services, the stranded passengers and travelers will be rescued. If there are casualties, they will be airlifted or sent to the nearest hospitals for medical intervention. Similarly, the vehicles involved in the accident will be removed from the speedways to ensure smooth movement of vehicles. Owners of cars and motorists need not subscribe to emergency road service since they will become automatic members the day they a vehicle, be it two-wheeler or a car. The emergency road service operates through a national grid monitored by the speedway maintenance authority, Remote video surveillance cameras are installed at crucial junctions to give feedback to the authorities concerned on the movement of traffic.