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Remember the help desk

      Emergency Road Service operates through a help desk and it is necessary for every freeway driver, including truck drivers, to register for this service. A whole range of services is offered under this service. Starting from fixing the mechanical fault of the vehicle to carrying out medical evacuation of the sick and injured will be […]

Clearing the speedway

Road Service Program is a service launched by the local motor way maintenance authority in association with the transport department, health department, auto dealers, auto manufacturers and auto warranty firms. The principle objective is to maintain the road free of obstacles and vehicle breakdowns. It also means helping vehicles in distress. Basically, the Road Service […]

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Help for vehicles in distress

Auto dealers, in association with vehicle manufacturers, have launched a new service called road service. It is aimed at helping vehicle owners in distress. Under road service, help will be sent to bail the vehicle owners, drivers and fellow passengers out of the crisis. Vehicle owners will be helped in all types of situation. If […]

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