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An obligatory duty

Emergency road service is an obligatory duty on part of the consortium responsible for assisting drivers and travelers in distress on streets and freeways. The emergency road service is provided round the clock throughout the year by stakeholders of the consortium such as auto dealers, auto manufacturers, insurance companies, warranty firms, hospitals and local administration, […]

Programs to help drivers

The road service program is a recently evolved concept to make speedway driving a pleasure and enjoyment. Under this program, a number of services are available to drivers. They range from providing technical assistance to offering tourist guide services. The road service program is normally operated by a third party agent in association with the […]

Register for the service now

Road service is a specialized service launched by the auto dealer in association with the vehicle manufacturer to help drivers in distress. The problems faced by the driver could be related to engine or mechanical problems of the vehicle either on a freewat or at home. Under road service, the firms concerned are bound to […]

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