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Helping drivers in distress

Road service is a specialized service launched by auto dealers in association with third party agencies aimed at assisting or helping drivers in distress, especially those stranded on roads and freeways. The road service is normally offered as a complementary service by the vehicle dealers at the county level to attract more customers. However, if […]

Paid service for vehicle owners

Auto road service is a paid service meant for vehicle owners. All subscribers of this service are entitled to any kind of assistance whenever their vehicle suffers a breakdown on the freeway. Assistance will also be provided in case the vehicle has starting problems while at home. The auto road service is offered by the […]

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Round the clock assistance for drivers

Emergency road service refers to assistance rendered to drivers, at any point of time, to bail them out of all types of crises. The goal is to offer around the clock assistance for drivers to ensure a smooth trip. The other stake holders in the emergency road service include transport department, police department, health department, […]